NZ Shipping Guide

*Please note that postage rates and store policies will change over time. This information is correct to my knowledge as of late 2017. I will try to keep this page updated, but cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this information – please check individual retailer websites for up to date rates and policies. The inclusion of a retailer on this list IS NOT a personal endorsement from me, so use your own discretion when deciding if a store lives up to your personal ethics.


Getting the toys you want in NZ can be a pain in the ass. Why can’t we have nice things?! Local retailers have improved their range in recent years, however there are still some great toys that you can only get if you import them yourself.

Also there was that one time Brexit crashed the £. I went a bit nutts with Lovehoney’s free postage and exploited the unprecedented exchange rate to stuff myself with luxury dildos. I mean what else was a disappointed ex-pat to do? My vagina was emotionally eating – and my soul needed the comfort of multiple orgasms. Make the best of a bad situation, I say! Just whatever you do, don’t think about Nigel Farage while you are trying to get off.

New Zealand Retailers

I recommend buying locally, if you can. As the saying goes ‘use it or lose it!’, so if we don’t support local stores we won’t have them anymore. I don’t agree with everything Peaches and Cream does – but where would I be in life if I didn’t get to poke and prod all their toys as a curious 18 year old?! Supporting local business isn’t just good for the economy, it is good for our positive sex culture to have people employed in this industry. Buying my first strap on at DVICE was a magical moment in my life, and for months I cried a little bit inside when I walked past the store after it closed.

The stores listed below are NZ owned and operated. If I have missed out store worth mentioning, please contact me and I can add it to the list.

Peaches and CreamNew Zealand 1-3 working days delivery time (in most cases) $7

Free Shipping For NZ Orders Over $100
Adult Toy Mega StorePrices start at $10 and there are a range of shipping options available

No free shipping options
Get Sex ToysFree shipping for orders over $50
NautiNormal New Zealand deliveries have a 1-5 working day delivery time (in most cases) with a flat rate standard delivery fee of $10.00.
Rural deliveries have a flat rate standard fee of $15.00.

Free shipping for purchases over $150
D.VICEIDK, it appears you have to go through the checkout and enter all your details to find out postage
SexGearFlat rate shipping of $8

Free shipping for order over $100
Cinderflat rate shipping of $5.50 nationwide on all orders, big or small.
GiGi Adult Department StoreFlat rate shipping $7
CoCo Bella$7.50 standard shipping

Free shipping for orders over $100
EroxNew Zealand - Courier (3-17 working days delivery time) Tracked $7 flat rate



International Retailers

To simplify the shipping process, and save precious $$$ that you could spend on more dildos, I’ll summarise here:

  • which stores ship to NZ,
  • which ship for free and
  • how to get toys that don’t ship to NZ.

Its not always intuitive! Sometimes you can get toys shipped from the UK for cheaper than what local stores will charge to send a package across town.

Import Duties and Taxes

Also, you will want to check if your order is under duty and/or GST thresholds so you won’t have to declare your purchases and pay extra. If your duty & GST totals less than $60 your are off the hook (for now). I cut it too fine once and I had to send an itemised list of purchases to Fedex for ‘customs purposes’. I didn’t mind but I felt a bit sorry for the person at the other end. Turns out I was right and I was in the clear, so really it wasn’t my fault they had to read the grocery list of what I intend to put in my vagina.

To calculate if your purchase will incur import duty and/or GST use this handy duty calculation tool. You will notice dildos, vibrators and ‘adult products’ in general are not listed in any of the available categories. I just list it under ‘Toys’ – if it isn’t Tobacco or Alcohol its reasonable to assume that the flat 15% GST applies right?

Help – they only ship to the US?!

Despite the globalized world we live in, some companies still do not indulge international shipping. Thankfully NZ post has realised this and come up with a service called YouShop. Basically you get your package sent to a warehouse in the US or UK and they will redirect it to NZ for you. I have used it once and it worked! It wasn’t super cheap, but if you are desperate its an option.

International Retailers

Below is a summary of international retailers that will ship to NZ, and their general shipping arrangements. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please contact me if there are some top notch stores missing! I don’t personally endorse all these stores, they are just ones I have heard of and thought readers might be curious about. Some of them are pretty legit cool though. You may notice some of them have domains. I have put them on the ‘International’ list because they are not actually NZ owned and operated companies (i.e. lovehoney and wildscrets). Points for catering to the NZ market, but its not technically ‘supporting local business’ to shop there.

Adam and Eve (US)www.adameve.comThe website lets your browse in NZD and calculates shipping for you when you view your basket
Ann Summers (UK)https://global.annsummers.comThey ship using borderfree. The website lets your browse in NZD and calculates shipping for you when you view your basket
Babeland (US)$40 USD (Additional $10 for orders outside of UK and Canada)
Bad Dragon (US)https://bad-dragon.comMultiple options to post via UPS or Fedex. Prices vary so you need to go through the checkout

Additional info on international shipping
Bondara (UK)£9.99 Per Order

Shipping time 10-15 working days
Early to Bed (Canada)http://early2bedshop.comVariable shipping rates listed here
Funkit Toys (US)$13 USD
Good Vibrations (US)www.goodvibes.comPrices may vary depending on your destination. There is a $20 surcharge for every international order outside of Canada and the UK.

*I have to add they listed NZ as 'New Zealand (Aotearoa)' and it made me sqweee
Harmony (UK)£12.95 per order under £20. £9.95 for orders over £20

Your order will be delivered by Royal Mail International signed for service.

Europe: 3-5 working days Rest of World: 5-7 working days
Lovehoney (UK) Airmail - tracked to your door 5 - 7 Working days £5.95 or FREE if you spend £30.00


DHL Express Worldwide 3 - 4 Working days £29.50 or FREE when you spend £140.00

Note: some larger items cannot be sent to NZ
Lovehoney (Australia) Express Worldwide 1 - 2 Working days $19.95 or FREE if you spend $100.00 AUD

Note: some larger items cannot be sent to NZ
Lovehoney (NZ) Express Worldwide 1 - 2 Working days $9.99 or FREE if you spend $100.00
Peep Show Toys (US)www.peepshowtoys.comWe ship to all North American countries, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. International shipping rates apply and will be calculated at the time of checkout.
Pleasure Chest (US)https://thepleasurechest.comShip via UPS and USPS, prices vary
SheVibe (US) omitting NZ from their shipping policy SheVibe does actually ship to NZ! Unfortunately you do have to go through the checkout to find out what the postage will be. A normal sized toy looks to cost ~$30NZD to post
Smitten Kitten (US)www.smittenkittenonline.comSend via UPS with First Class Mail® International or Priority Mail® International options. Prices vary depending on parcel size/weight.

we are required to fill out customs declaration forms outlining the package contents. We will be as discreet as possible; however, be aware that declaration forms are visible on the outside of your package.
Tantus (US)www.tantusinc.comThey do post to NZ. At one point they had free international postage for a $150USD spend, but I can't seem to find it on their website anywhere.

Postage is determined on weight so you have to go through the checkout. It is eyewateringly expensive

Some NZ retailers carry Tantus products so they may be a better bet - unless you want to buy a grab bag or get your hands on a brand new design.

Alternatively you could ship through a third party such as YouShop
Wild Secrets (it appears both the NZ and Australian websites ship out of Australia)

Free shipping on all orders over $60 NZD or AUD

Standard shipping 3-10 working days - $9.99 AUD per order

Express shipping 2-4 working days - $16.99 AUD per order