Put out…for Racism?!

*This article contains R18 content. If you found it because you were innocently Googling for the ‘Give Nothing To Racism’ campaign, you may want to slowly click away. If you would like to know how this ad campaign derailed a threesome, then carry on!


Fan Girl

Taika Waititi is a national treasure. Whether it be making incredible films, or giving the precise right amount of fucks when upsetting the sensibility of ‘average kiwi bloke’ morning TV show hosts (here’s a clue, no fucks), Taika is certainly worthy of the title ‘New Zealander of the Year’. I admire how he stands up for his principles, and his movies have an amazing ability to make you laugh while also addressing the tough stuff.

For those of you who aren’t local to NZ, you may have seen his latest film ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘ from the Marvel series. On a personal note, ‘What We Do in the Shadows‘ is basically a spot on representation of what it is like living in Wellington, even down to filming a scene in Young Shing, the takeaway that was the heart of my ‘flat family’ until it was demolished for being an earthquake death trap (I almost shed a tear). Anyway, I digress.


Give Nothing to Racism

A few months ago, Taika collaborated with the Human Rights Commission to come up with this wonderful campaign. You have to see it. WATCH IT! Now do you understand why I love this man?



Put out…for racism?

But what has this got to do with my sex life?

Well, a few months ago I was meeting up with a couple for a possible threeway. I had found them online, so we were doing the ‘Oh, so you are a real person?’ meet up. I like to get to know the people I might want to sleep with, so we had a decent chat.

I ended up a bit on the fence with this couple. The Mrs was pretty cute, the Mr was a bit ‘meh’. They were intelligent and could hold a conversation. It was a reasonably pleasant evening.

And then it happened

“XYZ are horrible people”

You what now?!

Now, I didn’t know much about this country, so I didn’t have much of a rebuttal to this. On the other hand, I am pretty sure there is no nation on this earth where everyone is horrible. Sure, there may be cultures that clash with ours more than others, but generally people seem to be a mixture of goodness and shitness everywhere I’ve been. It is the human condition.

Anyway, by the time I had pontificated on all of this, the conversation had moved on. I had lost my opportunity to ‘react’, and circling back around to it was just going to be super awkward.

That comment was enough to convince me that didn’t want to take it any further. So that is fine, just politely decline and never see them again. But then the ghost of Taika starts…


The guilt

“You don’t have to be a full on racist, just being a tiny bit racist is enough”

“Just a nod…it gives others the message it’s OK”

“Racism needs your help to survive”

You make such good points, guilty conscience Taika. I have no defense to your logic


My weak arsed attempt to give nothing to racism

So as the hours passed, and the feeling grew stronger, I knew I had to get awkward. I had to say something. When we had the polite “so, er…ya wanna bone, or go our separate ways?” message, I knew it was my last chance. I wanted to be polite, since they had been so courteous to me. Furthermore, even if it’s a low-key thing, rejection is never fun. Casually adding ‘FYI your racism is repulsive’ to the pile seems unnecessarily cruel.

So what did this awkward penguin say?

screenshot of a conversation
Me being awkward and not to the point. To be fair, they took it graciously.

In this case, my sense of ‘keeping decorum’ may have overridden my obligation to BLATANTLY point out racism where I see it. I mean just look at it – classic ‘maybe it’s just me?’ deflection. Why am I being so chickenshit when it comes to calling something the ‘R-word’?

I think my approach requires more work. I’m hoping this is a step in the right direction. Like a dude-bro in Les Mills (the gym) – I hope that the more I work the muscle ,the bigger and stronger it will become. And the more time I spend ‘measuring progress’ in the full length mirror, the less apologetic I will feel about grunting loudly and making everyone else uncomfortable.



So basically, well done Taika! You managed to cock-block a racist dude out of a threeway. That is a pretty far reaching campaign you’ve got there! If he was aiming to interrupt casually racist private conversations between white people he totally NAILED IT! I even thought of writing Taika some fan mail about his prowess. However, I couldn’t decide if he would find it hilarious or be deeply, deeply disturbing. So I wrote about it online for you perverts to read instead.

You are welcome.

TDLR; Don’t put out for racism, why would you want to shag a racist anyway?