An engineer by day, and a ‘vagineer’ by night, I use my dual passions for technology and vaginas to over analyse and review sex toys. I love to ‘try it for science’. As a detail oriented person with a technical background, the design and construction of sex toys has become a full on passion. I figured I may as well share my thoughts to help the discerning consumer can make an informed decision on what’s in the box.

rat in hair
Rat lady: Like a cat lady but less socially acceptable

What if a maker space collided with a pervert? I present to you ‘the craft room’, where experimentation and tinkering takes a feminist, kinky, queer twist. Like Bruce Wayne had his bat cave, this eccentric spinster lady has her rat cave – a happy place for the creative juices to flow away from the prying eyes of the engineering patriarchy. This is where the magic happens!

When I make it out out of the house I relish the opportunity to explore the local alternative sex scenes – from kink to swinging, queer communities to polyamory meet ups – there is always something new to learn and someone interesting to meet. I’m curious what makes people tick, and what brings them together, and those who make their own rules!

Located in the windy capital of Aotearoa New Zealand I celebrate the kiwi number 8 wire mentality (although perhaps not as a material for sex toys). We may not be the centre of everything – but we sure know how to make our own fun when no one is looking…

This blog is designed for people of all orientations (including straight!) to learn, experiment, and have a laugh.