Dream Silicone Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Yes pussy, you should be a little ashamed

I’m a little embarrassed to say…I actually love this thing.

The light purple is infantile, rabbits are a risky bet, and I didn’t expect the thrusting motion to work at all well. Before it even hit my doorstep I was already making fun of the ‘Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator‘. Little did I know it ‘hits the spot’ in a way none of my other toys do.

Sometimes I just want the feeling of thrusting – whilst also being a pillow princess and doing no work. This toy manages to do that for me. I feel like an idiot using something that looks so daft – but daaaaaamn. Its like the boyfriend that is great in bed, who you avoid introducing to your friends.


The head of the toy thrusts back and forth, at three different speeds depending on your fancy. For me, it doesn’t work quite like you’d expect. Instead of the shaft staying still and the head thrusting deeper its kind of the opposite. As the head is such a big chunk of silicone it seems to stay fairly well anchored – and the thrusting motion results in the rest of the shaft/toy moving in and out. It is pretty hilarious, bit still feels surprisingly good rubbing the ‘wrong’ way along the front wall of my vagina. I wonder if this might be because I clench my PC muscles a lot? Maybe it works ‘normally’ for other people? In any case I can relax and make the toy do all the work – which is ideal when you are pretty baked and your vag has the ‘munchies’.

The head is made from a solid, slightly squishy, ball of silicone. The ridges below are a flexible layer of silicone that can fold easily as it thrusts, giving a rough idea of how far it thrusts. The shaft feels like it is a slightly squishy layer of silicone over a firm shaft.

head of Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator
Head so satisfying, but the penis-esque shape is a tad creepy given the rest of the toy is so ‘innocent’ looking

Once I’m feeling really good from the thrusting and I want to orgasm a wee flutter of the rabbit ears – even on a low setting – is able to push me over the edge quite easily. As I don’t require much more stimulation at that point it doesn’t matter how well the ears fit my clit (a common criticism of rabbits is that the distance between the shaft and the ears are unlikely to fit everyone). The ears are still reasonably strong though – and I can orgasm just from using the ears as well if I want to.

Rabbit Vibrator with 10 functions
Look, a cute wee bunny, attached to giant a purple mechanical dick


Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator control panel
LED indicators take the guess work out of thrust velocity… especially when submerged in an orifice

The controls on this rabbit are a little humorous – clearly it is made in the same factory as other lovehoney rabbits so it still has the center button which is normally used to change the direction of the rotating shaft. On this rabbit the centre/double arrow button is used to turn the thrusting on and off. I sometimes I go straight for the up/down buttons to get the shaft going (like on other rabbits) and it doesn’t turn on and I think the batteries are flat! So if you are used to using similar rabbits you might want to take a note of that.

One thing I especially like about the interface is the small LEDs which light up to indicate which setting you are on. This is really useful if you are using the rabbit on a partner – otherwise it can be hard to tell what setting you are using! I wish  more rabbits had this feature, even if the execution looks a little tacky. The buttons are slightly elevated which which makes it marginally easier to find them my touch. Thankfully there aren’t too many buttons to confuse yourself with.

I don’t use the patterns much, but I do like how this rabbit ears have escalating/ramping vibration patterns, rather than just on/off patterns. If you are interested in the patterns available check out the Quick Specs table at the end of the post.

Power Source

When the battery is low the thrusting motion will stop working – although the bunny ears may keep going. This  ‘slow motion death’ is the sad lot of many AA battery powered vibrators I’m afraid.

review Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Thrusting Rabbit battery case
The base screws off for battery replacement. The tight seal makes the toy waterproof as well
Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Thrusting Rabbit battery case
The 3xAA batteries are held together securely

Battery housing – this is a feature I love! The three batteries are held together in a plastic casing – you can take the whole thing out between uses to stop the battery draining. This is so much better than having to take batteries in and out individually – only to lose them in a drawer somewhere and hate yourself later when you have no idea which batteries have charge or not. And you know what is even better?! The same 3 AA battery plastic case fits perfectly with other ‘Dream’ and ‘Power play’ lovehoney rabbit vibes that use 3xAA. I have found this really handy as I have a few of them (you might have guessed!) and it means I can have one “battery pack” on the go that I can slip into whichever rabbit I want to use. Much better than having a bunch of half used batteries all over the show!


The rabbit is made of silicone which makes it body safe and easy to clean. It’s super handy how I can stand the vibe on its flat base while drying. There is a slight seem in the silicone but it doesn’t affect use at all. The crack between the silicone and plastic a common problem area for cleaning on many toys. However I haven’t had any issues there with this vibe (presumably as the join is further away from the ‘main action’.


A word on noise: The vibrations are pretty quiet in the scheme of things. The thrusting head on the other hand makes almost a ‘trotting’ sound as it clicks up on down AND makes a whirring background noise that is significantly louder than the vibrations. There are two ways to look at this: on the one hand most people prize toys on how quiet they can be. On the other hand, if you have a bit of a fetish for ‘sex machines’ the sound is actually quite a turn on and could even be considered a ‘feature’. I will leave it to your imagination which camp I’m in…

Why I’d consider it

If you would like to try a thrusting toy there is not much on the market in this price range (£49.99, but often on sale for as low as £30). I actually own a high end Fun Factory Stronic Drei as well, which is basically the pinnacle of thrusting toys. However to be honest with you I feel like the Drei, while legitimately being a marvel engineering, creates more of a ‘intense jiggle’ rather than the thrusting we normally think of (and lez-be-honest no human could maintain that level of thrusts per minute). While the dream rabbit still isn’t 100% realistic in its thrusting (or backwards thrusting in my case) it still reminds me a lot more of the real thing. So despite the huge price difference (x3) I actually reach for the dream rabbit more often when I want a lazy two stroke.

So alas, the dream rabbit remains my dirty little secret – while its ‘naff’ exterior makes me question my life choices – it is still the first place I reach when I want some satisfying pillow princess ploughing.

Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator
Take me from behind – I know you love it, honey


The is available exclusively from Lovehoney. They have recently launched a New Zealand website, but I still use lovehoney.co.uk because they offer free worldwide postage for purchases over £30.00 (yes that is right, it is often cheaper to get it sent from the UK than from the NZ warehouse – which requires a $100 NZD spend). Also note: once exchange rate is taken into account prices may vary, so sometimes it can pay to check both sites to save a few bucks.

Length9.75 inches (5 inches insertable)
Circumference5 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS plastic
Power source3 x AA batteries
Controller4 push buttons:
thrusting (on/off),
thrusting speed up,
thrusting speed down,
ear vibration (scrolling)
Thrusting speeds3
Vibration speeds (rabbit ears only)3
Vibration patterns (rabbit ears only)escalating/ramping: Low-medium-high
on an off fast
three short bursts followed by a longer burst
two short burst followed by a longer burst
two short burst followed by a longer burst, followed by a fluttering on and off
escalating/ramping up and down
Remembers setting when turned off and in again?no